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What to Do if I Am at Fault in a Car Accident?

What to Do if I Am at Fault in a Car Accident? (PDF)

Two,Men,Arguing,After,A,Car,Accident,On,The,RoadCar accidents can be a stressful experience, particularly if you bear some of the blame. You might feel overwhelmed and anxious because you are not sure what to do or how much it will cost. It is essential to accept your responsibility for any wrongs committed in the accident as this is something that you would rightly expect from anyone else.

However, it is important to make the distinction between guilt and taking full responsibility for the event, that’s where our Atlanta car accident attorneys come in; they can assist you with the necessary steps when you have been involved in a minor accident and may hold some accountability.

In a car accident in Georgia, you should always call 911 immediately. A police report will be needed to file any claim. The next step is to:

Make sure you and your passengers are safe

Make sure that you and your passengers are all safe, as in the case of more serious injuries, the urgency increases.

Take the car off the road

When possible, the best thing is to remove the car from the busiest passages and choose to place it away from traffic in order to avoid causing more accidents.

Keep a record of all the details

Once you remember the details of the accident, write down exactly what caused it, even if you think it was your fault, also include information about the other vehicle such as license plate, weather conditions and other details if possible.

Register with photographs

You’ll want pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, and any debris the other damaged car may have left behind.

Exchange information

Exchange information such as names, insurance information, phone numbers, and license plate numbers.

Inform your insurer

You don’t want to miss out on self-coverage by not letting your insurance company know about the accident.

Go after medical treatment

After a car accident, make sure you have a doctor’s report to use in your claim. Sometimes injuries don’t appear for a few days, take care of yourself.

Under The Law, Georgia is an at-fault State

Georgia’s law is at-fault, meaning that drivers are liable for accidents resulting from their negligent actions. However, both drivers can also be at fault in Georgia. Additionally, Georgia has a law called comparative fault. It means when a case is evaluated and both drivers are found to be responsible for the accident. The following could apply to your car accident as mentioned above, so you shouldn’t automatically blame yourself.

The percentage of damages that the other driver is responsible for (as long as it is at least 50 percent) can still be recovered even if you are partially responsible for a car accident. In order to reduce the percentage attributable to you and the settlement amount from the other driver, it is necessary to determine the other driver’s percentage of fault.

But Who Determines Who is at Fault in a Georgia Car Accident?

To determine who is at fault, fithe adjuster will review all facts, evidence, and photos, and examine the police report, as well as witness statements and weather conditions.

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Costs associated with a car accident can be substantial and far-reaching. It’s essential to understand what you’re facing so you can financially protect yourself now and in the future. The good thing is you don’t have to go through this alone. Our attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve following a devastating car accident injury.

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