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Undocumented Workers and Construction Accidents

Undocumented Workers and Construction Accidents (PDF)

Undocumented workers can be entitled to a settlement from the same company that injured them under certain circumstances. The construction industry is considered one of the most dangerous sectors in Georgia, so if you’re undocumented, it’s extra important to seek out help for your injury. Our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to stand up for you when your employer doesn’t. Don’t settle for an offer you don’t like. Work with our personal injury attorneys today!

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Is it possible for undocumented workers to receive workers’ compensation in Georgia?

Unemployed workers are eligible for workers’ compensation in Georgia. Georgia requires all businesses with three or more employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, agriculture workers, sole proprietorships, or partnerships are exempt from this requirement. Georgia undocumented employees who are employed and paid can file a claim with the appropriate documentation confirming employment and pay.

Georgia’s undocumented construction workers face risks

In the construction industry, there are many risks involved with working without documentation. Without proper safety training and handling of machinery, you’ll likely experience injuries and accidents that could have been avoided.
At ATLINJ, we’ve handled several cases of undocumented workers who experienced workplace injuries. With workers’ compensation coverage at the company where they work, these individuals often receive benefits for their legitimate workplace injuries.
Construction workers are most likely to face the following risks:
  • Respiratory hazard from toxic material
  • Burns and skin lesions
  • Falling
  • Noise at ear-damaging decibels
  • Electrical hazards
  • Noise at ear-damaging decibels
  • Being struck by a falling object
Workplace risks can cause moderate to severe injuries that may qualify you for temporary or permanent disability benefits.

Construction Workers’ Most Common Work Injuries

In Georgia, we’ve seen all sorts of construction injury cases. They range from accidents to equipment malfunction. The severity and extent of the injury determine the settlement value of your claim. By following best practices, like documenting and reporting the event ASAP, you can maximize the chance that you’ll be able to receive compensation to which you’re entitled, no matter what the cause of your injury is.

Falls-related injuries

There is a danger to working from ladders or heights in scaffolding, regardless of immigration status. In these situations, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, but falling from a great height can result in broken bones, brain injuries, or spinal injuries.

Damage to the eyes and face

Workers are at risk of being injured by moving objects, especially if they do not wear the proper protective gear. Injury to the eyes or face on accidental impacts may result in temporary or permanent blindness, which may prevent workers from returning to work.


In the workplace, improper wiring or exposed wires can lead to electrocution. Even accidental mistakes may justify a workers’ compensation claim. Electrocution can result in loss of muscle control, burns, and in extreme cases, paralysis.

Faulty equipment-related injuries

It is common for workplace injuries to be caused by defective tools, equipment, and machinery. It is also common for undocumented workers to not receive the proper training to handle and maintain equipment due to faulty equipment accidents, which can result in severe and potentially fatal injuries. Workers’ compensation claims may be justified when user errors result from a lack of training or safety equipment.

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