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Symptoms From Seat Belt Injuries

Symptoms From Seat Belt Injuries (PDF)


Seat belts are an active system that helps keep the occupant as still as possible should there be a crash. They are the first line of defense in preventing any bodily injury following a collision.

When a car hits something or gets hit by it, the force will normally change the speed and motion of the car. This change in momentum activates your seat belt.

As of 2022, seat belts have saved an estimated total of 7,600 lives (the number of fatalities prevented or mitigated by the use of a safety belt per year) since 1975.

Seat belts are your best chance of avoiding severe head injuries and being ejected from the vehicle. The more violent the crash, the more likely you’ll suffer seat-belt-related injuries due to the forces transmitted at impact.

In this post, we’ll discuss what seat belt injury is and why they occur in the first place.

Types of Injury

Seat belts transmit the force of the car’s impact to the bones in your chest, back, and hips. This means that if a seat belt rests on your neck or above your pelvis, the softer tissues of these areas are at risk for injury.

Seat Belt Syndrome

Seat belt syndrome refers to visceral internal injuries that affect the neck, torso, and abdominal cavity.

  • Thoracic Injuries
  • Cervical Injuries
  • Abdominal Injuries

Seat belt signs

After an accident, you may have felt pain and discomfort in some areas of your body. This is a result of where it made contact with the seat belt. The bruising, discoloration, and abrasions are seen as a “seat belt sign”–surface-level injuries which will eventually heal on their own.

Symptoms of internal injuries

  • Diarrhea or abnormal bowel movements
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of motion
  • Paralysis
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Feeling sick or unwell
  • Bloating
  • Midsection bruising
  • Stomach cramps
  • Abdominal pain


Compensation for Seat Belt Injuries

Seat belts are meant to protect us from injury, but sometimes accidents can cause them to harm us instead. Either way, seat belt safety is a crucial concern.

Seat belt injuries to the lower abdomen, chest, or spine can result in a significant medical procedure. Our law firm can file a personal injury claim and negotiate with the insurance company for maximum coverage of all your medical costs and related bills.

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