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Major Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents

Major Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents (PDF)

After a collision that results in the injury of a pedestrian, drivers often use this excuse. In reality, this is often nothing more than an excuse. The driver is legally responsible for operating their vehicle with caution and preventing accidents involving pedestrians as well. If you have sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation, but it is vital that you contact a pedestrian accident lawyer immediately.

The Hazards of Driving While Distracted

Despite concerted efforts to address the problem, distracted driving continues to persist as a significant concern, particularly in areas with high pedestrian activity. It’s important to recognize that distractions extend beyond cell phone usage; any activity that draws the driver’s focus away from the road can lead to pedestrian accidents. Adjusting the radio, consuming food or beverages, and managing disruptive children or pets are just a few examples of potential distractions.

The Perils of Driving Under the Influence

Motorists operating vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose a significant threat to all road users. Pedestrians, in particular, face increased risks in urban areas during peak hours when establishments such as bars and restaurants are closing, leading to a greater likelihood of encountering intoxicated drivers.

The Weather

Pedestrians face heightened risks during inclement weather conditions. Wet and slippery surfaces make it more difficult for drivers to come to a halt in a timely manner, while reduced visibility further exacerbates the hazards. Regrettably, numerous drivers fail to adjust their speed appropriately to match the prevailing weather conditions.

The Dangers of Left-Turn Collisions

When drivers navigate through busy intersections, their attention is often directed towards oncoming traffic rather than pedestrians in crosswalks, especially when they are attempting to make a turn at the last moment. This behavior increases the likelihood of drivers neglecting pedestrians who have the right of way in the crosswalk.

The Dangers of Right-Turn Collisions

Right-turn accidents are arguably more prevalent than left-turn accidents. This is primarily attributed to the simultaneous illumination of the “turn arrow” and the walk signal. As a result, drivers may execute right turns hastily, neglecting to yield the right of way to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Additionally, another common occurrence is when drivers fail to come to a stop while making a right turn at a red light.

The Construction

Construction projects frequently lead to the closure of sidewalks, leaving pedestrians without a safe walkway. As a result, pedestrians may be compelled to walk in close proximity to moving traffic or even venture out into the roadway. In such circumstances, the construction company can be held responsible for insufficient signage or the absence of an alternative route, which compromises pedestrian safety.

The Multi-Lane Roads

Even when crosswalks are present, certain roads can still pose dangers to pedestrians. In some instances, traffic in one lane may come to a halt to allow pedestrians to cross, while vehicles in the adjacent lane continue moving. Moreover, larger intersections can present challenges for disabled or elderly pedestrians, who may find it challenging to complete their crossing before the traffic signal changes.

Talk to an Atlinj Georgia Lawyer in Cases of Injured Iin a Pedestrian Accident

In the unfortunate event, it is crucial to take immediate action. An experienced bus accident lawyer like ATLINJ Georgia’s lawyers can be instrumental in successfully navigating the claims process and possesses the expertise and knowledge to navigate the legal complexities associated with such cases. They will work diligently to gather evidence, assess the extent of your child’s injuries, and determine liability. By seeking rightful compensation, your child can access the necessary medical treatment, rehabilitation, and support services vital to their recovery.

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