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Driving And Entertainment Features

Driving And Entertainment Features (PDF)

person playing with screen in the car

Some newer vehicles have multimedia features that make it even more apparent how much the world has changed.

There’s now Bluetooth hands-free calling, but some cars also boast large touchscreen radios with multiple ways to select functions. Some models even have screens larger than a typical laptop right in the dash – and these are giant distractions for drivers.

Distracted driving is a silent killer in many ways. This has been happening daily. Read this article to learn more about distracted driving and how your in-car entertainment system can be distracting for you.

Distractions are one of the top three causes of accidents on the road. Perhaps you’re approaching an intersection as the light turns yellow, so you need to speed up or risk going into oncoming traffic. Perhaps there is a school bus in front of you, and it just pulled up to its next student’s house. If so, traffic laws require you to stop. You notice the flashing lights and stop thanks to your attention paid. But if you were not paying attention while looking at your GPS or the next podcast to listen to, instead of noticing these sudden changes, you may find yourself in an accident.

Driving anywhere can be dangerous because anything moving faster than the vehicle poses a risk of getting in an accident. Every day, people are made to make split-second decisions while they’re driving depending on the conditions they’re faced with. When somebody’s distracted and not looking at the road – like if they’re checking a map or listening to a podcast – they might not notice something quickly enough that would cause them to crash. Especially when you’re speeding and you don’t have time to react, it can be tragic.

In 2018, the Georgia legislature outlawed drivers from using cell phones while driving. Drivers cannot have a cell phone or similar technology in their hands or touch any part of their body while driving. Other legislation discourages drivers from making use of hands-free devices to help prevent distracted driving. Although this may reduce the issue, there is still more that could be done.

Keeping your eyes on the road matters, and new vehicle tech can be detrimental. This is a distraction when you glance down to learn information about someone who just texted you. But having access to any information about your car via sensors means that you are more likely to get where you’re going safely because there’s no need to look down at your phone.

You can only prevent distracted driving by not touching your phone while you’re behind the wheel. Make it a habit to choose quality entertainment for your whole car ride. And down below are some technology tips that will make every one of your trips better. However, we have control and should only use these technologies when in a safe location.

A cool new tech feature on your car may make driving easier or less stressful, but it might make you more distracted. If your vehicle has this feature, make sure to learn how to use it without distracting yourself. Distracted driving accidents happen in split-second decisions. Don’t change your day getting ruined because of something like this.

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