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All You Need To Know About Bus Accident Claims In GA

All You Need To Know About Bus Accident Claims In GA (PDF)


Those who have been involved in a Georgia bus accident as drivers, pedestrians, or passengers may seek compensation. This guide should give you the confidence you need to take the next step in pursuing compensation. It goes over the types of damages you can request, how to file your claim, and how an ATLINJ lawyer can help.

If I’m hit by a bus, what should I do?

bus speeding in the middle of the street

Personal injury incidents involving buses are among the most serious. Victims may suffer crippling injuries and incur medical debt.

In the event of a bus accident, regardless of whether you were the driver, the pedestrian, or the passenger, you should seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, you should seek medical attention. Concussions or bone fractures may not show symptoms right away.

A personal injury lawyer from ATLINJ firm can help you determine whether you have a case against the local government. If you do, you and your lawyer can file a claim for damages against them.

In a Georgia bus accident claim, what damages can I request?

You may be experiencing significant pain and have ongoing medical expenses. These damages are examples of damages you can get in your claim. You also may be able to request:

  • In the event that any property has been damaged or destroyed by an accident, the cost of repairing or replacing it will be incurred
  • The medical bills you’ve incurred and the ones you’ll incur in the future
  • Injuries that cause you pain and suffering, as well as mental anguish
  • Damages resulting from disability, such as loss of enjoyment of life
  • Your injuries prevent you from working, so you cannot collect your earnings

What is the process for claiming compensation for a bus accident?

Georgia law requires that an accident involving public transportation be reported to the authorities. A person should ask the authorities for the name of the employee who caused the accident as well as the name of the company that was responsible for it.

Afterward, the person can file their claim on the website of the state of Georgia, but they may want to speak with a lawyer from ATLINJ first. Filing a claim requires a number of important details, and there is a specific process for doing so.

We can help you!

Atlanta Injury Law Center can help you with any other questions you may have concerning filing a bus accident claim in Georgia. We can speak with you at no cost and introduce you to a Georgia bus accident lawyer from an award-winning team. Take the next step today and contact us.

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